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Turn off the light. [entries|friends|calendar]

The other half knows.

Can you believe it?

Follow your dreams.

Hold on, hold on tighter.

Will you find me?

Come back to me.

I need to bring him back.

Back to the light.

I don't want my happy ending.


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Because it's cute. [22 Jul 2009|02:20am]
Looking back at me, I see... (because icon keywords semi-apply?)Collapse )
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(a kind of unnecessary) Linnie-palooza [19 Jun 2009|05:41am]
AKA a post that nobody probably gives a damn about but me. Uh... Whoops?

Linnie-palooza? Lil-palooza? I dunno...Collapse )

CLOTHES!Collapse )

Evening gowns~Collapse )

Lolita cute. <3Collapse )

You know, maybe one day I'll attempt to draw or doll her. ... ffffff, I'm so lazy, though. ... Watch me attempt anyway now that I said I won't. */swt*

By the way, I love my new mini-collection of Doctor Who icons. I need to get more. 8D

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Memory [12 Mar 2009|07:04pm]
So get back, back, back to where we lasted...Collapse )

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"I have a right to my anger..." [26 Feb 2009|08:00pm]
And he was gonna change the world.Collapse )
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Long Jecht speech is long. [18 Jan 2009|11:09pm]
This is the moment that you know...Collapse )
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Exchanges [07 Jan 2009|06:31pm]
Between Braska and Jecht and, in the first part, one other...Collapse )
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Momentum [22 Dec 2008|05:07pm]
These rules were made to break,
And these walls were meant to fall
These rules were made to break us...

{ to be inside }Collapse )

These rules were made to break,
And these walls were meant to fall
These rules were made to break us all...

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PAIAS: Braska [20 Dec 2008|09:10pm]
Hahahaha.Collapse )
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What would it take...? [20 Dec 2008|05:32pm]
... for Braska to choose to break the cycle?Collapse )
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Project Auron is a Slut With... [18 Dec 2008|10:15pm]
lolol Auron don't hurt me for the project title, plz? <3; ilu?Collapse )
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Tall, dark, 'n' handsome [17 Dec 2008|10:59pm]
I freakin' love Rikku, man.Collapse )
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The Balefire Lakehouse - Arrangements [14 Dec 2008|11:58pm]
'Cause I finally got off my ass and worked it out.Collapse )
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Attendance list [07 Dec 2008|12:31am]
As of Sunday, December 7, 2008, 12:31 AM Central Standard Time.Collapse )
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Snow leopard RA from TDP for Ranko [25 Nov 2008|05:19pm]
Just because I felt like it.Collapse )
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There Nevertheless Remains -- Final draft [21 Nov 2008|06:14pm]
Because the original Odin drabble sucked. This? Is so much better.Collapse )
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RandomDrabbles #1: Never Was, Never Will Be [17 Nov 2008|09:00pm]
Prompts: Water, sex, death.Collapse )
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Braska = Grant's gazelle? [16 Nov 2008|12:35am]
Because I'm such a dæmian-dork.Collapse )
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There Nevertheless Remains -- Part three [13 Nov 2008|07:18pm]
Odin's DrabbleCollapse )
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There Nevertheless Remains -- Part one [13 Nov 2008|12:26am]
Bahamut's Drabble.Collapse )
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Incomplete [12 Nov 2008|08:48pm]
Ixion's Drabble (unfinished)Collapse )
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